Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hello (again)

I got so caught up in talking about Tibby and Alex that I forgot to actually blog. Haha. No worries though. So, the other day my good friend Robby and I were swinging on the porch swing of my house when............ DUN DUN DUN!!! He came over and kissed me. Just like that!! Me and Robby have been friends since the beginning of time. And, I'm wondering if I should go out with Robby or save myself for when I go back to school with Alex. Perhaps I could have a summer fling. But then again, I have modeling during the summer so I don't think I would have time to date. But Robby has the face of an angel. But Alex is an angel. Web World- I need your help. Do I go with Robby or Alex??

Happy Birthday to my Ferret!!!

As some of you know, my ferret (Tibby) is celebrating his birthday today!! Tibby turns 2 today!! So, he remembers all the people who said happy birthday to him last year, and I'm sure he understands the fact that my blog was moved so all my followers cant find it. But Tibby, is now 2!! I'm so excited for the little guy. Well, we got him, A GIRLFRIEND!! Today we went out and bought a one year old female ferret and named her Lilac. Her birthday is August 4 so she will have one later!! But, we are going to try to breed them. I wonder how that will turn out. Oh, and just to let u guys know, I think I may have frightened 2015blogger. So, Alex, if your reading this, I like you. I would appreciate if you read my emails and we could meet in school. I dont want to meet outside, because thats weird. But, I cant wait to see you in school. Bye guys! I love you!!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Following Mistake. OOPS :/

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let everyone know that if you see that I'm following someone named, thats a mistake. I'm actually only following the other guy, Not period between the 5 and the b. So, I suggest that everyone follow him, or at least check him out. He's in my grade, and I think at my school, but he seems pretty cool.

My First (not really) Blog.

To all my fans who were disappointed to discover that my old blog was shut down, I'm sorry. I hope you all manage to find this new one soon!!! Well, today I discovered that I have alot in common with . He seems to write about the same stuff I do, though in a much more organized way. I just want to let you guy's know, this is an anonymous blog. Everyone who previously read it knows that I am now an eighth grader at CHS, and that I enjoy blogging, directing films, writing, and modeling. So, please, sit back, read, and enjoy.


P.S. If you were wondering, I usually update about, 3 times a week, but since its summer, give or take. :)