Sunday, July 11, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Ferret!!!

As some of you know, my ferret (Tibby) is celebrating his birthday today!! Tibby turns 2 today!! So, he remembers all the people who said happy birthday to him last year, and I'm sure he understands the fact that my blog was moved so all my followers cant find it. But Tibby, is now 2!! I'm so excited for the little guy. Well, we got him, A GIRLFRIEND!! Today we went out and bought a one year old female ferret and named her Lilac. Her birthday is August 4 so she will have one later!! But, we are going to try to breed them. I wonder how that will turn out. Oh, and just to let u guys know, I think I may have frightened 2015blogger. So, Alex, if your reading this, I like you. I would appreciate if you read my emails and we could meet in school. I dont want to meet outside, because thats weird. But, I cant wait to see you in school. Bye guys! I love you!!!!

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